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It’s All Over Bar the Singing

Image result for images folk singer cartoonThat’s 2018 done, and we’ve begun looking at the music for our first 2019 concert this year.  The concert is themed around folk music, and if you’re expecting to see us languishing in a coffee lounge with long hair and a cheap guitar, you might be in for a surprise.    We don’t have a cheap guitar!   What we do have is a mix of traditional and  new music, some sung in the old, traditional way, and some with a modern treatment.   So make sure you set aside Sunday 25th May to attend our concert.

Singing up a Storm!

On Sunday the 14th of October the Hills Choir braved the stormy weather and sang at the Mundaring Markets. It was cold and rainy however the beautiful singing voices of the members brought sunshine into the afternoon .

Christmas in July at Darlington 28 July 2017

Members of the Choir sang a couple of brackets of Christmas themed songs, including some traditional Xmas in Julycarols and some almost reverent parodies on Christmas season songs.

The Choir members sang for their supper, which was a traditional Christmas dinner.  The dinner was a fund raiser for the Darlington Anglican Church.